It’s ALL about ME…

“That bird only sings when she’s unhappy”

-Alexander Woollcott (in reference to Dorothy Parker)


FASHION NUGGET is the real and imagined adventures of my wardrobe. Told via original sketches, amateurish photos and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Other scintillating material may include the following (and oh so much more!):

-cowl necks…why?

-cuticles, ingrown hairs and other works of the devil

-random interjections of song lyrics, which occupy 75% of my brain, and an occasional playlist. FASHION NUGGETS needs a soundtrack

-lists! lists! Lists of lists!

-vintage shopping/dumpster diving and everything in between

-rainbow cakes! surprise balls! And other DIY insanity


-bag balm!

-bell bottoms!


Fashion Nugget was created to act as a place to focus my creative energies and angsts. All rights are reserved, feel free to use any content, but please do credit it’s original source. (and blah, blah, blah…the usual muck)

Thank you for joining me on this journey.