I’m supposed to be putting myself on a shopping moratorium. As I previously mentioned, there is no room left in my non-closet. My pre-pregnancy clothes are still living in storage waiting for a home. My cups runneth over (well, certain cups, definitely NOT others).
I love to shop. I love to shop for pretty much anything. I’m not a retail snob. I’ll get down n’ dirty at Lot Less just as easily as I will at Barney’s. So this self-imposed torture is really, well, torturous. As any addict will, I’ve become an expert at justifying a fix. So my excuses for entering the new Crew Cuts Tribeca are as follows:

1. Close proximity to the older boy’s school
2. My children need clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, do they not?!
3. I wanted to get a closer look at the interior design

But really, you guessed it, I just really love to shop.
Not surprisingly the store is beautifully done (see my bad photos of awesome black & white drawn wallpaper with painted details and Confetti System’s installation below). The pint size prepster clothes are just the right mix of “I’m still a kid, but I’m also a hipster (forgive the phrase)in the works”.




Editor’s Note: In case you haven’t heard of Confetti System, you can read more here on Dwell’s blog. Their work (or self described, ‘party systems’) is/are absolutely delicious my photo does no justice.


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