A conversation with my Self (who’s kind of a cantankerous bitch):

Self (to Jezzie):

“Okay, Sponge Butt, Baggy Pants (yes, I know you have two children so I’m speaking a language you’ll understand). Is the name of this blog not ‘Fashion Nugget’? Because here it is again, Fashion Week, and um, hello? Just because it’s kill me cold outside, and your house is filled with snot crusted and coughing boys, and just because you aren’t actually attending any shows, nor have you been invited to any shows for that matter. Well, I’m just saying, either change the name to just “Nuggets” which is not a very cool title, was never a song/album you love by a band you love and will furthermore make (all four of) your readers think, ‘Nugget of what?’ and that’s probably not going to lead to anywhere good.

Jezzie to Self:

I hear you Self, I do. But really, does anyone care what I think of NYFW? It only serves to remind me of the fact that I have had exactly three occasions in the past five months that have required showering much less getting dressed in ‘real’ clothes.


No. I’m not going to lie. No one cares. But this may just give you the dose of over-inflated self-importance you’ve been seeking in order to dig out of your frankly tedious rut.


Fine then. But I’m not showering.


Knock yourself out.

So, here goes


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