There is something so pretty about an all white room. Lately I’ve been experiencing a sort of decor ADD. I see images of color and I think. “Oooh! Color! I must have it!”, then two seconds later I’ll see all white and my mind will snap in the other direction as jerkily as a student driver banging a left.


Scary stuff as I face the need to give our bedroom a face lift. My husband is amazingly patient with my decorative whims. Pink? Bring it. Floral prints? No problem. There are only three things that make this man crazy. Throw pillows, a dysfunctional reading lamp on his side of the bed and lastly (dum, dum, dum) my clothes. Not my clothes per se, but the fact that they litter every available surface of our bedroom. I can’t help it. I haven’t met a closet that could satisfy my needs ever. And my needs are not crazy people. I simply want somewhere to hang my (admittedly ample) clothing collection without squashing them or dragging them on the floor below. I want some shelves that will hold my jeans and sweaters without having the entire collection topple into my face when I pull something out. I want enough room for my shoes. And finally I’d like a full length mirror that doesn’t make me look better or worse than I really do. (A skinny mirror only makes you look skinny when you look into it. It doesn’t follow you out onto the street in those ill advised leggings with your ass waggling all over the place).

So here we go, project bedroom/closet. I face it with dread and anxiety. Will I again be disappointed by empty promises from Elfa and Ikea? Using the image above as inspiration I’m heading in a whole new direction and hoping the outcome results in a happy home. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Any good ideas for bedside table lamps? The throw pillows are staying though.


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