At first I thought I’d missed my big opportunity to post about NYC’s big holiday blizzard, but then on Wednesday we had another snow storm…

Let me just assure you, this image via Sartorialist NOT a representation of how I personally feel about all things winter. But I do love the enthusiasm. I grew up in Northern Vermont where things like waist high snow and below zero temperatures are part of winter’s everyday reality. When I see giant drifts of snow I don’t want to run and jump into them. I want to run and jump into bed. Or run and jump onto a plane heading South.


So on Wednesday when they announced that NYC public schools would not be closed, believe me, I was right there with my son in expressing my indignity. Luckily it’s only Pre-K so I thumbed my nose at the system and kept the boy home. In the end the storm wasn’t all that bad and I was stuck at home with a bored, wired four year old. It was enough to drive me outside for some peace of mind (or at the very least a break from playing Angry Birds on the ipad). While walking through the park I saw a bunch of kids joyfully rolling in the snow, cheeks all rosy and glowing and I thought, “Huh, what the heck is wrong with my kid?! Why doesn’t he want to be doing that?!” And then I realized…


That’s what they mean when parenting involves taking all focus off yourself and thinking instead about what is best for your kids.
So next time it snows (shudder), I’ll muster every ounce of happy mommy-ness and head out to enjoy it with my son.

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