Rachel. Rachel. Your pregnant. Slow it down sister.
But no, Rachel Zoe Collection will debut at next month’s NY Fashion Week. There’s more detail here at WWD.


First I must get over the fact that RZ is like, 8 months pregnant and wearing thigh high, six inch heeled suede boots (Rachel Zoe Collection will have bags! and shoes! Bananas!). We don’t need to go into the fact that a thigh high boot may have just squeezed over my arm when I was 8 months preggo. Well, there, we did go there, but only briefly. Moving on…I am a fan of the whole 1970s, tailored look sauced up with Bohemian touches. This is no news to anyone that knows me, so it’s no big shock that I love RZ’s style and think she’s beyond talented (and also a little beyond nuts). It’s always a little scary when a celeb launches their own line. Very few who have done it well (Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham for example), and there are countless many who have crashed and burned in cringe-worthy flames.
My initial reaction to the collection is love. love. love. Here’s hoping there’s as much attention paid to the fabric, cut and quality. If so, I’m definitely signing up for a little “tux” ensemble when it hits stores.


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