There are a few things I will fully admit addiction to (without the usual shame and self-loathing one usually associates with fessing up to our weaknesses).

Yes. Smarty pants. There are some other addictions I will not freely admit. But that’s a whole other ball o wax.
So, brief list of obsessions in no particular order…
1. Nautical stripe long sleeve shirts
2. Office supplies
3. Sharpies
4. Annie Hall
5. Rayon floral print dresses from 1940s
6. Converse All Stars in black, off-white and red
7. Dying my hair (blonde)
8. Bookstores
9. Pantone
…gosh,just realized there are a lot of things I’m obsessed with, more than I can list when my whole purpose was to mention these

And these…the Pantone Visa card. Now I’m thinking the obvious color choice for me would be Firecracker. Then again, considering my joint finances with the husband, maybe it should be Beeswax. As in, “What did I buy at Barneys? None of your…”


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