There’s a terribly long list of things that make me crazy, suffice it to say, I’m made crazy A LOT. Most of these crazies tie in to my failure to complete things (sentences, projects, a novel, de-griming the tile grout in my bathroom…and so on).
So here I am in bed attempting to at the very least complete this post before I start another NY Magazine crossword (which I will probably not fully complete before I fall asleep). It’s a viscous circle my friends, all these crazy making things. I’m like a hamster running on the wheel, or a woman running on a treadmill who never seems to lose the dreaded back fat no matter how many miles she logs.

That being said, I feel I’d be doing a great disservice to my (three) loyal readers if I didn’t draw to their attention that Kate Spade has taken the genius “behind the curtain” section of her all around terrific website and made it into a book. “The Things We Love” which is definitely going to be on my Christmas wish list this year.

via Felt & Wire

And, while on the subject of books and Ms. Spade…this Gatsby “book of the month” clutch is one of those things I want so badly that my heart starts beating a little fast every time I think of it.

gatsby bag.jpg

(Via katespade.com.)

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