Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s my new found obsession with premium cable programming and reality television, but has anyone else noticed there’s been a lot of mention of “vagina” lately?
I’m no prude, I’ve always believed in calling a spade a spade, or more precisely, a vagina a vagina. My sons have penises, not “pee-pees”, “peters”, “thingies” and so on. But I have to admit, when my trainer asked me if I’d given birth vaginally I thought to myself, really? Really?!
It’s not the THING itself that I have an issue with.While I’m not one to squat over a mirror and chant positive reinforcements to my nether regions, I certainly don’t think it’s shameful or dirty. It’s more the word itself. For example, the word “moist” makes me cringe inexplicably. Vagina. It just sounds like some rare, smelly disease. Like, “She had to be quarantined the vagina is very contagious”.
I suppose now that hearing about and discussing the va-jay-jay has become as common as ordering dressing on the side I’ll have to get over my little language barrier.

*Funny thought…imagine Googling “moist + vagina” and ending up here? How terribly disappointing.


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