Two big milestones this week.
My almost four year old started school and I returned to the gym. Our joint reaction to these two events? Basically the same. Every morning (and if reminded, the eve before), my son chants, sings, screams, whines and does what resembles interpretive modern dance, but is basically his body depicting just how badly he DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.
Mommy is old enough that to realize that no one really wants to hear her whining/moaning, etc and certainly no one wants to see her grown up temper tantrum dance routine, performed with much use of “jazz hands!”. That being said, internally I am screaming and stomping my feet every day as I head for the gym. It’s not that I don’t enjoy exercise, it’s just that I absolutely don’t enjoy HAVING to exercise. I know that I will eventually see positive results from all this drudgery. For example, just the other day both Adrien Brody and Bradley Cooper were at my gym, all pain was alleviated by my having to concentrate on appearing blase and bored and as if I didn’t recognize who these two men were, which is the unwritten rule of celeb encounters in NYC.
Voila! Sweaty encounters with famous men. That’s a good enough reason to keep me going to the gym.
Now, if I could only find a motivator for my son’s school attendance. So far mounds of clay, painting seashell necklaces and circle time are not proving to be convincing enough.


  1. I’m with Jagger on this. School is such a long, long slog. Yikes, from 4 years old until 22 or more! I promise not to share my thoughts on this with him, though.

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