I am delighted to say that my pregnancy has run its (agonizingly long) course and we’re all very happy with the results. I’ve managed to make yet another ridiculously cute baby boy with a crazy head of hair. He arrived August 16th at 6:51 PM, sunny side up and hair parted to the side in a most debonair way.

Oh happiness! We’re no longer just two people with a kid. Now we’re a family. Two kids, a dog, and a couch that is far too white and small for such a hairy, sweaty, stinky, pukey, poopy assortment of folk…most of whom are, I must add, male in gender.

*NOTE: In case anyone is interested, or cares, Listen to the Lion is a song from Van Morrison’s Saint Dominic’s Preview , fitting as the latest addition is both a Leo and named Van…


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