Color for Christmas

Dear Santa,
I’ve been really, really good this year.
In fact, I’ve been so good, one might even call me boring. I know, my dear Saint Nick, that in years past I’ve stretched your patience and come close to being on the top of your naughty list. But honestly, I’m a beacon of goodness. A shining light spreading cheer and good will wherever I go.
Okay, Santa, I’m laying it on a bit thick. But what can I say. When I’m good, I’m good and I’ve been very, very…you get the picture right?
Speaking of pictures, I’d like to color in a few and nothing less than 500 glorious colors will do. So here’s what’s on the top of my list:

500 Colored Pencils — 500 Pencils

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One thought on “Color for Christmas

  1. Oh thanks Santa! I guess he reads my blog!
    Extra cookies for you St. Nick! Hope you don’t mind soy milk though…the lil’ nugget has lactose intolerance so it’s what we’ve got on hand…

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