Tweezerman Point TweezersHere is one of those troubling thoughts that runs through my head over and over again like a record skipping.

I wonder…does anyone ever send in their Tweezerman tweezers for the “free sharpening“?
I don’t. Which explains why I have approximately fifteen tweezers. Yes, a bit excessive, but I am addicted to the magnifying mirror late, late at night (which is another post all together).

This collection of torture tools doesn’t even count the multiple tweezers that have been compensated at various airports throughout the world. I take this risk because I can’t travel without these devils. Have you ever noticed how you can see EVERY pore in an airplane bathroom mirror? I fear finding some blaring growth screaming for a pluck and being empty handed, and therefore basically stuck with a beard or some such atrocity until I can make it to the local drug store.

So, again, my question is, if I send Tweezerman a package of multiple tweezers in need of a tune up, what happens? How long until I get them back? Where do they go?

I need to know the answers. Someone help me please.


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