Carrie Weston Diaper Pin Necklace


Being a mom opens up a whole new door in jewelry gifting land. The “push present”? Never heard of it until I was preparing to, well, PUSH. And once I got wind that such a thing existed, you better believe I wanted one. A BIG one. Take it from me, no matter what the gift, it doesn’t come close to being enough of a thank you for all the joys of being preggo and then the extra special experience of getting that damn kid out. Hello THREE DAYS of labor. There are those that will say the gift is your heavenly little child.True. But there is nothing wrong with some bling to go along with the bundle of joy.I love this necklace. It’s subtle and doesn’t scream – having a baby has stolen all my sense of style (i.e. pastel and diamond baby booty hanging around neck? Puleez.)

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