Via SATees: Big Words for Little Kids | CafePress


Remember the time “BC” (Before Child)? When it seemed so *sigh* difficult (insert woe is me, hand to forehead, dramatic faint/swoon) find time to get everything(i.e. hair cut/color, eyebrow shaping, bikini wax, read a novel/magazine, window shop, you know, the really important stuff) done?
Oh how momma misses those crazy “busy” days. Those days of good hair and hairless limbs n’ such. The days of long showers with scrubs and potions. The days of walking out of the house for five minutes that stretches into five hours of unencumbered nothing-ness.
But then came baby. And you think it’s difficult, and then baby gets bigger and you think, no, this is more difficult. And THEN…baby starts to walk. And talk. And you think…sweet mother of Christ, THIS is really, really difficult. And if it gets any more difficult I may pull every mother-bugging hair out of my (dirty) skull.

And this is why they are so cute. And this is why they waddle over to you like miniature Frankenstein, arms covered in mashed banana outstretched, and they say, “Mamma, mamma…Kiss kiss.” And you get all melty and oogley and open your arms for the big, messy, clumsy “Kiss kiss” heading in your direction.


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