I could not. Would not.
Not on a train, in supreme pain.
Not in a box, begging for socks.
I do not like metallic daggers poking from my shoe.
I do not like them Christian Lou.
https://i2.wp.com/jakandjil.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/cdrodarte2.jpg CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN FOR RODARTE via jak & jil

To be clear, I have joined he Louboutin bandwagon and I bow down and worship to the shoe God just as much as the next fashion victim. The day I brought home my lipstick red soled beauties was a very good day indeed. And yes, they are torture to break in. Let me say it again people, TORTURE. But I suffered through it with hardly a complaint or a tear shed. I was stoic. They look beyond terrific. They make you feel like a graceful swan with shapely calves and teeny ankles. A graceful swan in agonizing pain mind you. This passes. They mold to your foot in around four wears, then your love affair with your shoes feels less masochistic. I’m not saying you’re ever going to run a marathon, or chase a toddler down the street in comfort, but come on, you can walk without having to fight the urge to fall into a heap while shedding tears and speaking in tongues cursing all french men, not simply those who make shoes.
But…this…what the?!

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  1. Wow!

    Shouldn’t that be “what to wear while kicking a guy where it hurts”? (in the case of these aggressive and erotic lethal beauties, for the rest of his what would then be pathetic miserable life!). That would be real torture and real agony! Men respect the power of that and those that can do them harm; which is why we are fascinated by women in Stilettos. At once beautiful items of erotic body shaping enhancement, but then at the same time with the power to destroy and castrate!

    These shoes leave NOTHING to the imagination; it is blatantly obvious what the male designer had in mind and what message the intended viewer should receive. I find it amusing that the message is lost on so many women; I can assure you that it will be quite plain to most males!


    Mike 😉

    • Perhaps the message is not lost on so many women…perhaps men are just a little self centered when they assume women dress with the sole purpose of impressing/scaring/arousing them?
      Just a thought…you could be quite right. Christian Louboutin could have fantasies in which a dominatrix repeatedly kicks him in the sack?
      I suppose that’s the beauty of fashion, it’s open to interpretation…

  2. Since we men are 50% of the human race and without us there is no future for either sex, it is normal for heterosexual women to dress to attract, – whatever lesbian inspired separatist feminism tries to convince them. Both sexes are ultimately concerned with trying to form an association leading to sexual union even though they may not always be cognisant of the fact.

    In any case I gave a male view of the shoes which is obviously based upon what I perceive a male. But I also expressed the fact that some women who would wear such shoes might be unaware of what the message was. Personally I do not see how the wearer can look down at her feet, shod in those shoes, and not realize that they are designed to look as though they are made to kick others and as such give a powerful message to both sexes.

    Perhaps some women are self-centred in that they convince themselves that they do not care what 50% of the human race thinks!

    At least men are continuously thinking about the other 50% of the human race! 🙂

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